Who are LMF Network?

LMF Network is an inclusion consultancy and careers platform bridging the skills gap. Our mission is to build the confidence, capabilities and careers of 25,000 people by 2025 by redefining work, culture and community.

We specialise in services which harness community building, inclusive structures and long-term learning programmes. Our successes include delivering 50,000 hours of ED&I initiatives, launching the largest mentoring programme in the UK and upskilling 20,000 people globally.

How can LMF Network support your students and staff?

  • Bespoke mentoring programme for staff and students
  • We design and implement reverse mentoring programmes for your staff or students, which include tailored workshops, learning frameworks, shared resources and networking opportunities. These programmes have a 98% success rate on average, tracking the participants goal and progress from start to finish.

  • Careers Workshops For Students
  • We deliver topic-specific sessions around professional and soft skills to prepare your students for the future and build a sense of community inside and outside your university. These topics range from overcoming imposter syndrome to building confidence, side hustles and business topics to the top tips for interview skills and networking; productivity hacks, public speaking and professional brand development on platforms such as Linkedin. On average, those who attend our workshops see an average of 80% increase in their knowledge and confidence.

  • EDI Services For Your Organisation
  • We offer EDI strategic end-to-end delivery plans and strategic implementation of services by coming in-house as your extended ED&I partner to enable your business needs through design, delivery and dedicated support. This includes training programmes for your staff to develop their ability to form and apply inclusive principles to their work and support the delivery of an organisational culture that understands and delivers on equity, diversity and inclusion.

2023 BONUS: Our Careers e-learning Platform will be made available for all universities staff and students to support in building confidence, leveraging community and enabling capabilities for workplace success.

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