Partner with LMF Network to help educate and elevate underrepresented individuals in the workplace. 



We partner with industry bodies, government, employers, universities and more to facilitate a global career-based mentoring programme. The 6-month multi media programme consists of monthly career workshops, 121 coaching sessions, data-based roundtables and networking events for all involved.  

​Our 2021 programme has matched 600+ applications, of whom 90% identify as women or gender fluid and 70% as "BAME". The programme is across 14 countries and lasts for 6 months. The LMF mentoring programme is the largest charitable mentoring programme from the UK, as seen in the press.

The programme ended in June 2021 and will reopen in January 2022. 

Due to a HIGH DEMAND, we are launching a THREE MONTHS mentoring cohort this Autumn 2021. Open to EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE. If you are interested here is the survey link to express your interest.



We design and deliver life skills-based programmes to enable and educate diverse talent. For each of our programmes, we take a community-centred approach to design in person or online workshops. All workshops leverage soft skills and focus on coaching persons to build their capability. 

​Our 2021 programme consists of monthly community workshops on topics around confidence, imposter syndrome, productivity hacks and career options. All information is available via our events here.

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We support organisations with developing and delivering their diversity and inclusion strategies. We focus on working together to define the measures of success, use data to establish concerns and deliver interactive programmes, bespoke to each client. We work with organisations to host focus groups, roundtables and publish reports. 

​Our 2021 programme consists of 4 research papers on introduction to diversity; definitions of terms; recruitment and mentoring. Initial research has found that less than 50% of people know how diversity and inclusion impact their daily lives, yet 78% of us consider D&I companies initiatives as a "tick box". To educate and empower the community, we are hosting accessible inclusion events which can be found here.


We build and maintain community through online social channels and Slack. Join our community channel today for free and meet game-changing people from around the world. We host a regular conversation and weekly virtual check-in sessions.


The community Slack group is free, accessible and open for all. 

To create and foster community inclusion, we have opened our local slack group and Linkedin community for all. 

Follow our Linkedin to see what we are up to