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Thanks to the LMF Network CIC data collection, we were able to deliver 6 different of research in 2021 on the topics of Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Social Mobility.


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We use research and data to learn about women’s lives and challenges so that we can help create a more equal society.

While some organisations have put great focus on diversity and inclusion, many organisations have released reports that highlight the lack of diversity within their organisation. Research shows that lack of diversity continues to exist in many UK sectors. The report aims to increase the general understanding of diversity and inclusion. Literature review and an online survey were used to understand people views on diversity and inclusion. 

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The hiring and recruitment report is the third report within the diversity and inclusion programme. The report consists of research that shows that there are biases and discrimination in hiring and recruitment.

The report will also look at how bias in hiring and recruitment has led to a lack of diversity and inclusion that exists in the UK workplace. 

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While some progress has been made with levelling the playing field to reduce barriers for those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, there’s more that can be done — we aim to make a positive contribution in this space. 

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This is the second report in the diversity and inclusion programme. The first was Introduction to diversity and inclusion.This report focuses on defining terms mentioned in the D and I study carried out by the LMF network. The report goes in-depth into five terms; systemic, allyship, equity, intersectionality and neurodiversity. 

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The mentoring report is the final report in the diversity and inclusion programme. The report will focus on how mentoring can lead to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The benefits mentoring programmes have for mentee and mentors. The report will also focus on the LMF network mentoring programme and the impact of the mentoring programme. 

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Bullying is defined as ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm. 

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