Nominations for Women in Software 2020 are now open

Tech’s gender problem gets a lot of airtime: the complaints, the harassment, the obstacles. What gets less acknowledgement: the solutions and the incredible people (who happen to be women) already doing amazing work. Last year, Makers partnered with Computer Weekly and Level39 to create the UK’s first Women in Software Power List to recognise rising stars in the coding community. In 2020, we’re excited to be doing it all over again! This time, with community champion Google for Startups UK.

What’s new in 2020 is that along with listing the top 30 women in software, we’ll have one overall winner for the 2020 Woman in Software — she’ll receive a £3,000 cash prize thanks to The Woolf Partnership. This year we’re also launching the Changemakers list. We know that businesses have a huge influence when it comes to changing the status quo. This is why in 2020 we’re also spotlighting initiatives supporting the rise of women in tech.

Our Changemakers List celebrates teams from HR, Tech and beyond to showcase best practice in creating a more inclusive tech industry. These industry examples are paving the way forward for other businesses to follow. After all, as Makers’ Chair Claudia Harris recently shared in CityAM: “A strong message from experts is that companies should try to ‘fix the system, not the women’.” When it comes to women working in software, it’s not just a pipeline problem: there’s also a culture problem. Researcher Kieran Snyder interviewed over 700 women who left tech after seven years: almost all of them said they liked the work itself but most were unhappy with the work environment.

This is why we launched the Women in Software awards. So much of the conversation around women in tech is depressing — we wanted to amplify the positive. There are women in software who are doing incredible work. You can read about them in last year’s shortlist here. The final list of winners featured women from organisations such as GoCardless; Monzo; Vodafone; EY; KPMG; and the UK government.

Do you know a woman in tech whose achievements should be recognised? Or an organisation helping women to rise in the tech sector?

Nominations are open now until March 6th:


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