Empowering Women of the Future in Tech Sales

SOLA Group are incredibly excited to announce their partnership with Like Minded Females for 2020. A little bit about us.

SOLA Group was conceptualised in 2005, SOLA Group has two main focuses in its business. The first is the boutique recruitment function which is specifically within the Technology Sector in which we specialise in placing permanent Sales, Data & Cloud candidates as well as Technical Contractors.

The other focus is the SOLA Incubator, which is a service SOLA Group provides to overseas based (mainly in the US) technology companies who are looking to scale and grow in the UK & EMEA. We headhunt candidates for the team and take care of all the infrastructure surrounding HR, legal, and payroll, eliminating the risk involved in establishing an entity in a new country/region. The SOLA Incubator allows the company to get settled in the market before establishing their own entity; thus saving them time and money.

The SOLA Group/Like Minded Females partnership was initiated between Tory (Head of Practice - Sales) and Sonya following a talk Tory attended given by Sonya. Tory was utterly inspired to get involved with the Like Minded Females journey and saw a real opportunity to partner for the good of the community. Tory specialises in placing Technology Sales candidates within the Technology sector and has an overriding aim to:

  1. Get more females into this sector

  2. To create an even blend of individuals within the Technology sector

Having a wide and varied network of Sales People, Tory felt that her role at SOLA could really help both candidates and companies to create more diverse sales teams. Her aim, along with the help of her team, is to bridge the gap of knowledge between candidates and clients.

Sonya and Tory have been working hard to plan out a series of events over the course of 2020, including workshops, podcasts, digital academies, panel talks and more! There has already been a real interest from the network Tory has reached out to about this collaboration and the opportunity it presents.

The first of its kind and we are so proud that SOLA and Like Minded Females are setting a new trend for 2020.

A trend of collaboration, partnership and opportunity.

And all that is left to say is watch this space!


Tory McIrvine SOLA Group Ltd.

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