Mentoring Matters

The LMF mentorship programme, is a comprehensive 6 month multimedia programme, from January to June, to provide supportive relationships, opportunities and tools to achieve one’s career goals. Covering topics from goal setting, personal branding to CV & interview skills and public speaking.

Due to a HIGH DEMAND, we are launching a THREE MONTHS mentoring cohort this Autumn 2021. Open to EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE.

If you are interested here is the survey link to express your interest.

What problems is it solving?

  1. Breaking open the conversations around career progression and promotion

  2. Matching companies with great industry talent to bridge the diversity gap

  3. Supporting professionals to upskill in the career skills of the future

What does the programme consist of?

​Our latest programme finished in June 2021, has received 700+ applications.

Monthly the programme has delivered:

  • 1 hour of mentoring 121

  • 6 career-based workshops, led by experts and partners

  • Mentor and Mentee training

  • Mentor networking lunch & learns

  • Data collection, mentoring roundtables and research blogs

What is the latest update?

What is the feedback from Programme 2021?

  • 97% were “matched with a perfect mentor”

  • 96% of mentee feel more confident to take new opportunities and challenges

  • 89% felt upskilled after each workshop

  • 96% will recommend to a friend (mentor & mentee)

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We partner with industry bodies, government, employers, universities and more to facilitate a global career-based mentoring programme. The 6-month multi media programme consists of monthly career workshops, 121 coaching sessions, data-based roundtables and networking events for all involved.  

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