Mentoring Matters

The LMF mentorship programme, is a comprehensive 6 month multimedia programme, from January to June, to provide supportive relationships, opportunities and tools to achieve one’s career goals. Covering topics from goal setting, personal branding to CV & interview skills and public speaking.

Cohort #1 Launches February 2022

  • 6 months

  • 100% virtual

  • limited seats

What problems is it solving?

  1. Breaking open the conversations around career progression and promotion

  2. Matching companies with great industry talent to bridge the diversity gap

  3. Supporting professionals to upskill in the career skills of the future

What does the programme consist of?

​Our latest programme finished in June 2021, has received 700+ applications.

Monthly the programme has delivered:

  • 1 hour of mentoring 121

  • 6 career-based workshops, led by experts and partners

  • Mentor and Mentee training

  • Mentor networking lunch & learns

  • Data collection, mentoring roundtables and research blogs

What is the feedback from Programme 2021?

  • 97% were “matched with a perfect mentor”

  • 96% of mentee feel more confident to take new opportunities and challenges

  • 89% felt upskilled after each workshop

  • 96% will recommend to a friend (mentor & mentee)

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Mentoring Feedback: Mentees

Initially I used to get nervous during interviews and used to forget the things I know or I am good at but with the help of my mentor and her life experiences stories I was able to be more confident and relaxed during the interview and I got an internship offer.

Asu Kaur    

“I have always been a self-critical person but the encouragement from my mentor has meant that I am not so hard on myself now and give myself more credit. This in particular has been a big change for me and would not have happened if it wasn't for my mentor :-)”
Farah Shariff    


"I've learnt so much about myself in the past few months, largely thanks to my mentor asking the right questions and giving me useful exercises for self-reflection. Being more self-aware enabled me to stop a recent period of burnout before it got too serious. I am incredibly thankful for the tools my mentor has given me to manage my stress and concerns independently - it feels very empowering!”

Lucy Hoyle    


“When I joined this program, I was really confused about my future career prospects. While I have a great job, I'm looking to make a career move and switch industries which is quite an overwhelming and difficult task to accomplish. My mentor has really helped me in mapping out the path I need to take in order to understand what I want to be doing with my career by not only acknowledging my concerns but giving advice that has helped me find answers myself and has pushedme towards the right direction.”

Aleena Ahmad    


Mentoring Feedback: Mentors


“I was looking for volunteers to run a program pilot, and even though I advertised it to my wider network, the most committed people were all through LMF! So the 3 volunteers I chose were all part of LMF and I loved working with them all.”


Julia Tomasini        



"My mentee and I discussed the topic of women in tech and I challenged her to go and do some further research on the topic and find out about women in the industry. I was really proud of her for coming back to me during the following week and having a whole new perspective on the topic after actively contacting women who work within tech and reading a bunch of articles...We’ll be working on her research and presentation skills to ensure she will be confident in not only her knowledge but her presentation of it during potential interviews. She is very receptive to comments and observations so I believe we can achieve a lot of her goals by the end of the programme."

Tina Pienkuukka    


“My mentee has been going above and beyond and has gone for interviews just for the experience and putting herself out there. Really proud.”

Morgan Poulter    


"I counseled her to ask for a promotion and raise, and she went for it, and got them both! She also updated her LinkedIn profile from a university graduate to a full professional--I'm super proud of her."

María McMath




We partner with industry bodies, government, employers, universities and more to facilitate a global career-based mentoring programme. The 6-month multi media programme consists of monthly career workshops, 121 coaching sessions, data-based roundtables and networking events for all involved.  

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