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The LMF mentoring programme, is a comprehensive 3-month multimedia programme to provide supportive relationships, opportunities, and tools to achieve one's career goals. Covering topics from goal setting, personal branding to CV & interview skills, public speaking, digital, entrepreneurship, and in 2022 is about #BreakTheBias. 

In 2020 we decided to start a Pilot Mentoring Programme to help the community during the pandemic. Two years after we are the largest not-for-profit mentoring programme in the UK with more than 800+ participants in 36 different countries. 


Here you can find the first workshop about Goal Setting for free and at any moment!!

Goal Setting Workshop For Free Here!!!!

 Mentoring Requirement 

Young Businesswoman


As a mentee you need:

• 0-5 years work experience

• 1 hour per month of 121 session

• Be ready to learn


Woman at Work


As a mentor you need:

• Min 5 years work experience

•1 hour per month of 121 session 

• Be ready to share 


Happy Women


As a Partner you can:

• Give us min 5 mentors 

• Host 1 workshop

• Sponsor Us



As a mentee you will promote personal and professional development.


A mentor can help you identify the skills needed, set goals together, and help you stay focused and on track in your career. 


They can help you navigate various work situations based on their own experience in their organization.


As mentors you will gain the opportunity to reflect on your own development, build on key skills such as listening, questioning, facilitation, empathising and rapport building.


Our programme invites you to believe in your confidence and self-esteem, whilst leveling up others through your support


Mentoring programs are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces, as they help in reducing turnover, promoting growth, and overall help employees adjust to new positions as well as become prepared to move up in the company.

This programme is created and curated with the partner organization to build resilience in workplaces.  


Young Woman


• 3 hour of 121  mentoring session

• 1 recorded workshops on GOAL SETTING 

• 1 recorded workshop on CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN TECH

• 3 live workshops on #BreakTheBiases. We will cover topics such as How to Overcome the Glass Ceiling & Glass Cliff, Resilience and Entrepreneurship. 

Networking Opportunities with ALL the mentoring participants

• Access to a private LinkedIn group

• Access to a private Database

Smiling Businesswoman


• 3 hour of 121  mentoring session 

• 1 recorded workshops on GOAL SETTING 

• 1 recorded workshop on CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN TECH

• 3 live workshops on #BreakTheBiases. 

3 Mentor Lunch&Learn 

Networking Opportunities with ALL the mentoring participants

• Access to a private LinkedIn group

• Access to a private Database

Local Business Partners


• Growth Opportunities 

• Host monthly workshops

Invitation to ALL workshops


Networking Opportunities with ALL the mentoring participants

• Social media shared & activities

• Access to Slack, LinkedIn group + LMF mentoring base

• Access to a private Database

•  Partecipation in our Newsletter with 10k subscribers


Registrations for our #BreakTheBias mentoring program from March 2022 to May 2022 are OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

Fill out this form if you want to be contacted for our NEXT COHORT.


What are the next steps? 

As a not-for-profit organisation, we depend on donations to keep our programmes running. Our Autumn 2021 received 97% positive feedback and success rate, of whom majority of participants said that they would recommend and invest at least £30 into the programme.


How do I participate?

In order to access this mentoring programme we are asking for £30 donations upfront to fund the project. 


Where will the funds go?

This will fund costs such as zoom, programme managers & speakers.This is £10 per month and we recommend if you are going through your business, to expense this as training cost.


What if I can’t afford the £30?

We will also have 10 pay it forward places available, so if you're unable to contribute please drop us a message and we can send you pay it forward application details. 


How many people will be on this programme?

We have capped the number of participants to 100 so it will be on the first come first served basis.


How will we use your donation?

Thanks to your donation, we will guarantee that all our participants have: 


  • 3 hours of mentoring 1-2-1

  • 4 career-based workshops, led by experts and partners

  • Mentor and Mentee training

  • Data collection, mentoring roundtables and research blogs

  • Access to a private Linkedin group

  • Monthly communications via newsletters

  • Exclusive access to the mentoring database 


How to pay

You will receive the payment method a month before the beginning of the programme, after you expressed your interest in our survey.  


What happens after the payment?

Once you paid send an email with a picture of the receipt to with Subject: Receipt LMF MP  


What are the next steps?

  • Once you send us your payment - we will send you further details for the kick-off training.

  • You will receive the Workbook, recording of the first workshop on Goal Setting, and an additional workshop on Personal Development in Tech, Zoom links, FAQ, and ALL the mentoring materials on February 2022 


Is there a chance to get refund?

 No, the £ 30 is considered a donation, and there is a NO REFUND policy

What if I'm not satisfied with my mentee/mentor?

If you have set up a session with your mentee/mentor and you are not comfortable with him/her, we can re-match you. This only applies to the first month of mentoring. After the first month, we do not re-match, but you can still enjoy the program.


 Mentoring Feedback 

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Aleena Ahmad

"When I joined this program, I was really confused about my future career prospects. While I have a great job, I'm looking to make a career move and switch industries which is quite an overwhelming and difficult task to accomplish. My mentor has really helped me in mapping out the path I need to take in order to understand what I want to be doing with my career by not only acknowledging my concerns but giving advice that has helped me find answers myself and has pushed me towards the right direction."

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Alex C Menendez

The mentoring program is an independent scheme that encourages everyone to maintain and support the relationships they build. Very well organized providing growth tools for mentees, networking opportunities for mentors.It is an honor to be able to share my knowledge with my mentee and make him avoid the hassles that I have had. 

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Céline Schuepbach
ommunity & Events Manager, Le Wagon

"We strongly believe as an educational technology enabler and trainer that we have a responsibility to offer our service to an inclusive audience, including women and marginalised communities. LMF has both the platform and the expertise to help us achieve this goal to the standard it deserves.”

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