Welcome to this new LMF service. 

We have long thought about what kind of service to offer our community for building confidence, capabilities, and career. This is why we decided to launch this new pilot program where you can book a 30 minutes call to review your CV and/or your LinkedIn profile.

Upon review, you will receive a detailed report about your CV and/or LinkedIn profile, with suggestions for improvement. 


Here you can book an appointment with a specialist. Remember to email us the payment receipt with your CV and/or LinkedIn URL at least one week before.

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 CV & LinkedIn 


Looking for a job is a full-time job!

You have to: 

1. Understand what job/career you want to pursue

2. Understand what do you want to achieve (money, career, life balance, etc.)

3. Look for the job position that fit you and your interests

4. Make your Cv and LinkedIn profile looks great

5. Network with the right connection

6. Apply for the jobs

7. Schedule the interview

8. Do the Interview

9. Eventually decide whether to accept an offer or reflect on why you were rejected

It's a long and exhausting process with which LMF can help!

How LMF Network can help you?

Book an appointment with LMF and send us your CV and/or LinkedIn profile a week before at hello@lmfnetwork.com with the subject "CV Review". 

Tell us what you would like to do and we will help you by narrowing down the tech opportunities that are out there and by appearing remarkable in the recruiters' eyes.