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 Like Minded Females - 

 LMF Network 

Founded in 2018, LMF Network is a global network focused on building skills to ensure success in our careers. Since our humble beginnings, we have upskilled shy of 20,000 people, grown to over 50,000 in the social community and launched the UK's most extensive mentoring programme.

Due to our many successes, we are launching a NEW platform in June 2022. LMF Network ED-TECH.


The platform will ensure we can genuinely support everyone to achieve their version of success. Yearly members will invest in their access to receive life skills masterclasses, downloadable resources, entire career based conversations and a live global community forum.


Launching in June, we already have 500+ on the waiting list, between the ages of 18 - 35, looking for their first or next role and information on upskilling, career possibilities, and progression

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 Build your Confidence,  Career & Community 

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Join the LMF Network Platform

Life skills masterclasses, career mentoring & meaningful conversations!

For individuals —>

Building confidence and careers - £69 per year

If you are a university student, new to the world of work or ready for your next job, we want to help! Our confidence and careers membership exists to transform your life through workshops, mentorship and community.

For £69 per year, you will have access to:

  • Directory - Find your friends, colleagues and mentors in our global directory filled with amazing and ambitious people.

  • Academy - We have a library full of workshops, masterclasses and “ask the expert” replays.

  • Community - Join our community of Like-Minded Females (and men) across all levels of experiences, industries and locations.

  • Events - Every month we host a range of events from workshops, book clubs, interviews to lunch & learns.

  • Newsletter - Recieve a bi-monthly email from the LMF Network team filled with articles, podcasts, events, new perks and things you should know.

  • Perks - We have curated a fantastic list of brands, universities and organisations that you should be working with.

  • Mentoring* - Our best in the class mentoring programme is an opportunity for you to find your feet whilst exchanging key skills with someone more experienced. This 3-month programme consists of workshops, events and networking.

  • Get ready for the job hunt* - Our team support you with updating your CV, practising for your interviews and creating all-star Linkedin profiles which will get you noticed/

Our doors open 4 times a year - January, October, March, June


 Volunteer Feedback 

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Naomi Ediru
Slack Community Manager LMF

“It’s been about two years since I connected with the network and I love how flexible my role is as it compliments my personality and strengths. I love talking to anyone and hosting the weekly catch-ups on zoom was perfect for me as well as sharing and advertising workshops online via social media. I can’t go anywhere 

without feeling compelled to tell anyone I feel would benefit from the community to connect!”

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Eleonora Papini
Mentoring Programme Manager LMF

“I’ve been very lucky to join LMF right after the end of my university studies. 

I’m proud to be part of a community that aims to empower people, educate and help them to build their confidence and provide a community. 

Since I have been part of LMF not only do I feel more confident but I have also really acquired more practical skills and experience.” 

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Preiti Radhawa
Operation & Event LMF

“I’ve really enjoyed my time with LMF, I’m continuously learning and meeting new people. I’m developing skills such as public speaking and being able to do something that makes a real impact. 


Most of all, I’m so thankful to be working with truly inspiring Women who show me each day just what we can and will achieve."

 LMF Network Founder  -  Sonya Barlow 

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Sonya Barlow is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of the LMF Network, diversity business coach and motivational speaker. Her efforts are focused on bridging the skills gap and creating inclusive cultures. 

She has delivered two TEDx Talks and is acknowledged as an international keynote speaker. Sonya has had her articles published in Metro, Sifted EU and The Telegraph. Her inclusion businesses have partnered with global companies such as Babbel, Steady, Institute of Coding, GoCo Group, Barclays, Financial Times and BMW.  In 2020, she was named as one of the Most Influential Women in Tech (Computerweekly), Winner of the Women in Software Changemakers (Makers and Google), Top 50 BAME Entrepreneurs (TechRound), Future Shaper 2020 (Marie Claire) and Forbes 30 Under 30 Shortlist runner up 2021.

In 2021, Sonya became a published author sharing her debut handbook on entrepreneurship, business & becoming your own boss titled: Unprepared to Entrepreneur, was announced as the host of BBC Asian Network’s The Everyday Hustle and became a LinkedIn Changemaker 2021 for Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

Sonya Barlow has been named a Linkedin Changemaker 2021 for Gender Diversit & Inclusion.

"The way to approach Gender equality equitability is merely to start figuring it out - and not being afraid to fail on the way. Everything and everyone is a work in progress, so why don't we treat this area the same? What are we so scared of that rather than give things a go, we digress or distract because they're not perfect or promised."

Official LinkedIn Changemakers are selected by invitation only and comprises UK influencers, activists, campaigners, and leaders in areas we know our United Kingdom (UK) members care about (based on conversation volume on site).

 Some of Our Partners 

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