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@LMfnetwork - world's 1st female-centric edtech platform for building confidence & careers through life skills masterclasses & mentoring. Like Minded Females.


We use research and data to learn about women’s lives and challenges so that we can help create a more equal society.

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1. BUILDING CONFIDENCE: let us know which LMF services helped you or interest you so that we can offer more of them. 

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3. CHANGE FOR WOMEN: your participation will help us to create evidence, change opinions and lead the communication around women at work. 

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@LMfnetwork - world's 1st female-centric edtech platform for building confidence & careers through life skills masterclasses & mentoring. Like Minded Females.

We believe that to change the narrative of inclusion we need to equip everyone with essential knowledge, network and opportunities. ​

We build career opportunities, confidence and capability through a strong community, a global recognised mentoring programme and life skill workshops.


We also work with organizations to build diversity and inclusion and increase employee happiness.

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 LMF Network Founder  -  Sonya Barlow 

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Sonya Barlow is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of the LMF Network, diversity business coach and motivational speaker. Her efforts are focused on bridging the skills gap and creating inclusive cultures. 

She has delivered two TEDx Talks and is acknowledged as an international keynote speaker. Sonya has had her articles published in Metro, Sifted EU and The Telegraph. Her inclusion businesses have partnered with global companies such as Babbel, Steady, Institute of Coding, GoCo Group, Barclays, Financial Times and BMW.  In 2020, she was named as one of the Most Influential Women in Tech (Computerweekly), Winner of the Women in Software Changemakers (Makers and Google), Top 50 BAME Entrepreneurs (TechRound), Future Shaper 2020 (Marie Claire) and Forbes 30 Under 30 Shortlist runner up 2021.

In 2021, Sonya became a published author sharing her debut handbook on entrepreneurship, business & becoming your own boss titled: Unprepared to Entrepreneur, was announced as the host of BBC Asian Network’s The Everyday Hustle and became a LinkedIn Changemaker 2021 for Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

Sonya Barlow has been named a Linkedin Changemaker 2021 for Gender Diversit & Inclusion.

"The way to approach Gender equality equitability is merely to start figuring it out - and not being afraid to fail on the way. Everything and everyone is a work in progress, so why don't we treat this area the same? What are we so scared of that rather than give things a go, we digress or distract because they're not perfect or promised."

Official LinkedIn Changemakers are selected by invitation only and comprises UK influencers, activists, campaigners, and leaders in areas we know our United Kingdom (UK) members care about (based on conversation volume on site).